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The Revolutionary Marineland Canister Filter Keeps Your Fish Healthy

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The Revolutionary Marineland Canister Filter Keeps Your Fish Healthy


A Hygenic Fish Tank Is a Happy Fish Tank

A hygienic fish tank should be the top priority of any fish owner, so outfitting your aquarium tank with a Marineland canister filter, protein skimmer and oxygen pump is the first step to making sure that your fish are swimming happily in the environment suitable for their species.

Freshwater vs. Saltwater Aquariums

There are many different types of fish aquariums, each of which requires a diverse set of maintenance equipment in order to keep them clean.
Freshwater aquariums are the most common type of tank you will find in a person’s home, mostly because they are the easiest type to maintain. These tanks typically include community oriented fish, such as goldfish, tetra fish and clown fish. More aggressive fish species, such as betta fish, angelfish and rainbow sharks, are other common freshwater varieties. One of the main benefits of having a freshwater tank is that the initial setup costs are less than what you will encounter when setting up a saltwater tank. They require fewer aquarium test kits, less oxygen flow and no live plants or rocks if you choose not to have them.
Saltwater aquariums are an excellent choice for fish owners who also want to care for marine plant life. Things such a coral and live rock can add immeasurably to the visual beauty of your tank. Saltwater also allows for a greater selection of invertebrates, from shrimps to clams to worms to feather dusters. One downfall of saltwater tanks is that changing the water can be much more of a challenge. Changing saltwater requires several days of planning because the water needs to be mixed and balanced in advance, whereas freshwater tanks can be vacuumed and cleaned via partial water changes.
Reef aquariums are tanks that typically house invertebrates, corals and anemones. Even though reef tanks do not always have fish as residents, they are considered to be more complicated aquariums to maintain and, therefore, are for more experienced marine life landlords. That said, the beauty of a well stocked reef aquarium is well worth all of the extra effort of locating the proper aquarium filter, aquarium bubbler and planted aquarium substrate. The colours of a reef aquarium alone guarantee hours of enjoyment and beauty!

Aquarium Filtration Is Key

Aquarium filtration is the back bone of any fish aquarium, whether it is a freshwater or saltwater tank. Having the proper filter in place is very likely the difference between success and failure.
Mechanical filtration removes particulate debris from the water. These filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis, which requires taking the filter out of the tank to physically remove the debris from the filter. Biological filtration is the process of breaking down fish waste, thus reducing bacteria, ammonia, toxic nitrates and other biological dangers that might lead to diseases within your tank.
Filters provide your aquarium with the biological cleansing it needs to keep your fish and plant life healthy. The Marineland canister filter, for instance, has an innovative design that forces water to pass through the filter media trays rather than around them, therefore requiring less maintenance.